Alexander Price is a 3D artist and animator, based in the North East of England. He is perhaps best known for his work as the lead character artist and animator on the video game SkateBIRD, released in 2021 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC, and Amazon Luna. Alexander is a graduate of Northumbria University, with a first in their BA Animation programme.

Alexander's influences include 'Y2K' artists (both of the time and modern; admittedly somewhat generalising) such as Jeremy McKeehen, Kentaro Mori, Froyo Tam, and Satoshi Okano.

Outside of creative endeavours, Alexander is an outspoken advocate for the rights of neurodivergent and disabled people. This is what motivated his most recent film, GEOCHROMA. The discrimination of and stigmatisation towards disabled and neurodivergent people is still largely socially acceptable, or at least treated as innocuous. Alexander aims to meaningfully contribute to the headway made by the autistic and neurodivergent rights movements, and promote genuine acceptance over manufactured 'awareness'.

More to the point, Alexander is a passionate believer in self-advocacy and community-driven resources and support as opposed to the norm of having big entities decide what marginalised groups' best interests are.

Alex also organises, officiates, and competes in local fighting game tournaments; specialising in sharing and promoting lesser known games that have aged out of relevance and/or do not have active esports investment. He (along with some help from hardware expert d0pefish) built perhaps Europe's only competitive Super Famicom (SNES) setup, using it to run tournaments for the cult favourite Sailor Moon S fighting game.

Alex taught himself basic HTML and CSS skills from scratch just to make this site; as he wanted to make the site uniformly reflective of his work and style. Professional web designer honeyist provided great assistance with the layout and implementation of Alex's site.

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