GEOCHROMA is my thesis film and master's degree final project. Featuring music by artists STARLITTT, NiKU, THE GREY, and STEVIA SPHERE, this film follows the journey to break the bounds that crush anyone not in the desired mould, and shine through something new.


GEOCHROMA, at its core, was conceptualised from the consistent discrimination (personal and systemic), ostracisation, and even death of disabled and neurodivergent people. I can't do much (especially during a time like this) except use my creative skills to express this. GEOCHROMA is born of the desire to take control of our own narrative and future; things that, in many respects, are gripped and steered by big charities and corporations that do not have our best interests at heart. Ableism and eugenics are everywhere. Even just getting people to recognise the social model of disability can be a struggle. Self-advocacy is the future. GEOCHROMAis about self-advocacy; the strength to tear constraints apart, and build something new and genuine.

The soundscape of GEOCHROMA first came into being after the Streets of Rage 3 soundtrack led me into breakcore and gabber music. I came to understand these (and adjacent) genres as neurodivergence personified through sound. These genres elicit a powerful, personal, beautiful chaos. From here, I took to Bandcamp to find artists whose sounds best reflected this, and I found four; listed above.

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